Introduction to Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms
3 min readApr 1, 2022

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is the first in-house developed mobile game to have successfully implemented P2E in Korea.

We have applied the latest trend in casual RPG while leveraging successful Hero Blaze’s IP, and it is the first collaboration with NFT platform and metaverse game KLAYMETA, being Korea’s first mobile game to have adopted P2E.

Now, we start our first steps into the Global market to provide service of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms to more users.

As the first step, Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms can be played across all Asian regions excluding Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau in April, 2022.

The main features of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms are as below:

Game Play

Enjoy the story of the Three Kingdoms, collect hundreds of Three Kingdoms generals, and train various generals through various training systems such as general summon, general combination, general promotion, equipment upgrade, and more.

Form the strongest team through the trained generals and compete with other players in different battles using your unique strategy. Enjoy a casual but breathtaking action through easy controls!

◆ Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms P2E Service Guide

- You can acquire Mudol Stone through daily special missions and weekly ranking rewards in the same way for both Korean and global servers.
- You can exchange for ‘Mudol Stone > MUDOL2 Tokens’ or ‘MUDOL2 Tokens > Mudol Stone’ at an official exchange rate at the exchange on the official website.
- The exchange rate at the exchange is determined every day at 00:00 (KST, UTC+9) and is determined by the amount of MUDOL2 tokens accumulated in the game reward pool and the number of Mudol Stone in the game server.
- To stabilize the exchange rate and MUDOL2 token price, the minimum withdrawal Mudol Stone, limit per wallet, and total exchange limit are set, which will be gradually eased according to market conditions.
- When Mudol Stones are used through the in-game store, they are converted into MUDOL2 tokens, distributed as some rewards to vMUDOL holders, and returned to the ecosystem for continuous P2E maintenance.
※ The exchange on the official website may not be available depending on relevant regulations for each jurisdiction such as Korea.

◆ Policy on the Existing MUDOL Tokens

- MUDOL Tokens will no longer be issued and cannot be exchanged for Mudol Stones.
- META tokens will not be airdropped to the existing META + MUDOL pair from the time of the global launch.
- Existing MUDOL Tokens can be swapped for MUDOL2 Tokens on the official website at a ratio of 100:1.
- Token swap will be vested over the 6 months from the time of launch.
- For example, if the token swap vesting started on April 1st and Allice applies for a 1,000 MUDOL token swap on July 1st, half of 10 MUDOL2 Tokens will be claimed immediately and the remaining 5 MUDOL2 Tokens will be distributed linearly in each block over the next 3 months.

◆ New MUDOL2 Token
- A total supply of 500 million MUDOL2 Tokens except for the initial issuance amount will be distributed linearly over 3 years.
- You can get stake MUDOL2 Tokens on the official website to get vMUDOL for governance rights.
- vMUDOL owners will be rewarded MUDOL2 Tokens equivalent to a portion of the Mudol Stones consumed in-game and will be granted a right to make suggestions and votes for the ecosystem proposal.
- With the global launch, MUDOL2 tokens will be added as vMETA holder rewards and distributed for the next 3 years.More detailed instructions will be available when the Docs for Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms opens


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