Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Global Asia Launch & TGE Schedule Announcement

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms
3 min readJun 30, 2022

Hello, this is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms pre-registration is ongoing in global asia and it is hyped with more than 450k event participants.

We thank you for all the love and support, and we are glad to announce the global asia launch and TGE schedule of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.

1. Change in MUDOL2 Token Ecosystem Chain to BNB Chain

In line with our global asia launch, we have decided to issue MUDOL2 Tokens based on the BNB Chain.

This will allow the Hero Blaze ecosystem to have a more flexible and active expansion with better accessibility for global users, marketing, and exchange listing.

2. MUDOL2 Token TGE & Global Asia Launch Schedule

1) June 30 (Thur) 22:00(UTC+9) Start of TGE
- The Initial Issuance volume as well as the volume necessary for lock-up and bridge usage will be issued together with the launch of the Token Contract in BNB Chain.

- After the TGE, the distribution volume for Team, Advisor, and Private Sale will be sent to Lock up Contract

- The vMETA Holder Reward will be sent to Klaytn Network via Orbit Bridge

※ The schedule for vMETA Reward via Klaytn Network could be changed.

2) July 1 (Fri) 00:00(UTC+9) Start of Mining & Lock up Count

- It will be Mined per Block and distributed to Play to Earn, Reserve, DAO creator reward

- Start of Lock-up contract count

※ As it is based by Block Number, the start of Mining could differ depending on BNB Chain’s network conditions.

3) Mid-July Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Official Launch in Global Asia

- Download and play Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms in global asia Google Play Store and Apple App Store (except japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China)

※ The time of global asia launch could differ per region.

4) Mid-July Official Global Website Open

- Official global website update (https://heroblaze3kd.io/)

  • Exchange: swap MUDOL Stones and MUDOL2 Tokens
  • Swap: swap MUDOL Tokens that are changed via BNB Network to MUDOL2 Tokens
  • Staking: earn vMUDOL and additional MUDOL2 Tokens by staking MUDOL2 Tokens

※ The global asia launch and official global website open schedule could change.

※ The expected schedule above could change depending on the situation.

For possible changes in the schedule, please refer to the announcement in the official community for more information.

3. MUDOL2 Token Distribution

The total volume of MUDOL2 Tokens is 500,000,000, and the distribution plan is as below.

Please refer to the Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Docs for more information.(https://docs.heroblaze3kd.io/)

4. MUDOL Tokens and MUDOL2 Tokens Swap

The MUDOL Tokens which were distributed during the launch in Korea can be swapped to MUDOL2 Tokens on the official global website at a 100:1 ratio after changing to the BNB Network via Orbit bridge.

It will be initially vested for 180 days from the start of the swap service. When requesting for swap, vMUDOL will be given during the vesting period and you can earn additional MUDOL2 Tokens for the usage of MUDOL Stones inside the game as a reward. The vested MUDOL2 can be received anytime, but vMUDOL will decrease as well, making the additional reward smaller.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for waiting for the Official Global Asia Launch and TGE of MUDOL2 Tokens. We look forward to meeting you with the launch in global asia. Please continue to show interest in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.


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