Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms Airdrop Event

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms
2 min readJul 28, 2022


️‍🔥Hero Blaze: Three KIngdoms $MUDOL2 Airdrop Event!️️

Clear missions and win $MUDOL2!💖

📌Event link: https://gleam.io/VgWE5/mudol2-air-drop-event

⏰Event Period: July 28 ~ August 17 (KST/UTC+9)

🎁Reward: $MUDOL2 to the winners!

📜How to participate + Rules
1. Clear all Gleam missions
2. You can receive rewards based on the accumulated mission points — Create more contents and share it with us to earn more $MUDOL2
3. You must submit your Metamask or BSC wallet address
4. In order for us to match your information with your wallet address,
please create and submit your Discord ID

Some missions are not required, but try to achieve more missions in order to reach the top in the Airdrop event.

🏆Event Reward
Top 10 : 1,000 $MUDOL2
Top 11 ~60 : 200 $MUDOL2
Top 61~150 : 100 $MUDOL2
Top 151~300 : 40 $MUDOL2

Reward Period The reward
period of $MUDOL2 will be announced through our official discord after the event.

!!!Take Note!!!

✔️Participating in an unfair way will result in disqualification.

✔️An incorrect Metamask or BSC wallet address will result in disqualification.

✔️The event content, period, and reward may be changed due to circumstances.

✔️More information regarding the event reward will be announced through our official discord. Don’t miss this chance to earn $MUDOL2!


All official announcements regarding Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms are only announced through our official Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Medium.

The official announcement links are as below.

Please remember the following:

  • If Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms DM you first, always check the necessary information such as ID.
  • We NEVER ask for your seed phrase, password, private key, or any other sensitive information.
  • Announcements are done ONLY through the official channels.